Worst fantasy punishments, Believe/Make Believe and more

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Liz Loza & Andy Behrens chop it up on this week’s fantasy football podcast across a variety of fun league stories.

Tom Brady called someone a, “m-f’er,” in the latest promo for HBO’s The Shop. We talk about it and why we think that person’s name rhymes with Kimmy Sharoppolo.

The story of a fantasy league loser who spent 15 hours in a Mississippi Waffle House as punishment inspired us to talk about the worst fantasy punishments you could enact on your fellow league mates.

Andy talks about how circumstance forced him into a strategy of drafting Ryan Fitzpatrick and Sam Darnold in a recent draft, and we discuss the 2021 prospects for the two new NFC passers.

Liz talks about her Rest vs. Rust series and what a doctor had to say about Dak Prescott & Saquon Barkley’s injuries heading into the next season.

Finally, Liz & Andy play a little game of Believe or Make Believe regarding a few positive stories coming out of league minicamps, including Jameis Winston’s hype video, a Sammy Watkins glow-up year, David Montgomery hitting new highs and more.

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