whoswholegal – Analysis – Central America 2021

Bizar Male

Most highly regarded

  • Annette Bárcenas Olivardia – Alfaro Ferrer & Ramírez, Panama
  • Alejandro Batalla – Batalla, San José
  • Manrique Jiménez Meza – Corporación JIME, San José
  • Aldo Milano Sánchez – Consultores en Derecho Público S.A, San José
  • Luis Ortiz – BLP, San José
  • Ruben Zamora Castro – Aguilar Castillo Love, San José

Costa Rica

Alejandro Batalla from Batalla is a highly respected practitioner who is recommended for his “prolific activity in business and corporate matters” alongside public law.

Aldo Milano Sánchez at Consultores en Derecho Público is widely regarded as “the great reference in administrative law in Costa Rica” by commentators.

Corporación JIME’s Manrique Jiménez Meza is “a great lawyer” who is well known for having a “deep knowledge in administrative and public law”.

Ruben Zamora Castro of Aguilar Castillo Love has “a strong reputation as an excellent lawyer” and is “well respected” by peers and clients alike.

Luis Ortiz at BLP has a “deep knowledge of the administrative field” and comes highly recommended for giving clients “the best and most concrete advice”.

DPI Legal’s Carlos Andrés Arguedas Vargas earns plaudits as “a standout specialist in administrative law, particularly in public procurement”.

At Facio & Cañas, Alfonso Liao cuts a distinguished figure as a “specialist in complex issues of public law and administrative contracting”.

Oller Abogados’ Rubén Hernández is a “prominent practitioner in administrative law” and possesses “substantive experience” in constitutional matters.

Carlos Ubico of Arias is “a first-rate lawyer who has performed excellently throughout his professional career”, as shown by his “success in administrative and public law”.

Peers applaud Jose Enrique Rojas Franco at Rojas Franco & Asociados as “one of Costa Rica’s senior statesmen across the gamut of administrative law issues”.

El Salvador

Eduardo Ángel of Arias is held in high esteem for having an “impressive depth of legal knowledge” alongside a “dedicated, confident and highly professional practice”.

BLP’s Zygmunt Brett is recognised for his vast international experience in public, corporate, banking and finance law.


QIL+4 Abogados’ María Isabel Luján Zilbermann comes highly recommended for her prolific expertise in public and corporate law across a wide range of sectors.
Ana Gabriela Roca is an acclaimed individual who draws praise for her adept handling of multi-jurisdictional contracts.

Lionel Francisco Aguilar Salguero from Consortium Legal is a go-to practitioner for complex labour and social welfare issues. He advises an array of domestic and multinational groups, including banks.


Armando Manzanares of Consortium Legal is “an excellent tax lawyer in Honduras” who comes highly recommended for his knowledge of administrative and public law.


Ana Teresa Rizo from Arias earns plaudits for her top-tier expertise in complex transactions and contracts, including government procurement.


At Alfaro Ferrer & Ramírez, Annette Bárcenas Olivardia is widely celebrated by peers for her “great experience in the energy, telecommunications, media and public procurement sectors”.

Sources praise Ivette Martinez of Ivette Martinez Attorney-at-Law as a “corporate and commercial specialist” who “excels in the areas of public bidding and government contracting”.

Diego Herrera Dutari from Galindo Arias y López wins praise for his expert handling of complex public procurement and government contract matters.

Alemán Cordero Galindo & Lee’s Anibal Galindo earns notable commendations from sources and is recognised for his expertise in corporate, public and banking law.

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