Watch: How to hire a virtual assistant to cold call homeowners for seller leads

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JP Wells is a sales manager for a team of overseas telemarketers who make more than 600 dials a day each to find someone who may be thinking about selling their home.

Once they speak with a homeowner who is interested in getting an offer on their home, they pass the lead to a licensed agent for a conversation.

In this week’s episode of Keeping it Real, we dive deep into the data around prospecting homeowners directly over the phone. While they are not attorneys, the team will discuss the legalities everyone should be are aware of (DNC, TCPA, state licensing requirements) along with what calling lists work best, how to append phone numbers, hiring and training a virtual assistant to make the calls (with general pay ranges), the proper scripting, and what metrics one should hit to have a reasonable chance of success where you make 4x+ back in commission income.

If you have a CRM with a large archive, it’s also a great idea to have a virtual assistant call all the people who haven’t bought or sold a home with you. You can also put them on Home Value email updates when you get permission to stay in touch over the phone.

Join Greg Harrelson and Frank Klesitz this week for a deep-dive on outbound prospecting for seller leads when hiring a virtual assistant to do most of the heavy lifting for you.

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