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The US breathes a sigh of relief at Joe Biden’s victory and awaits his inauguration. Meanwhile, Trump has been rather busy in his last few days at the White House. Instead of gathering up his extensive outspoken family and making a graceful exit, he resulted to rallying an insurrection on the seat of America’s democracy, to storm Capitol. Now he is facing his second impeachment of his 4-year presidency. In the midst of all this how will the UK be affected? 

Surprisingly many members of Downing street have found a firm friend in Donald Trump, from Nigel Farage (leader of the Brexit Party) to the Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson. This was mainly due to Trump’s pro-Brexit stance, in the hopes that leaving the European Union would augment the special relationship between the US and the UK. Throughout the past 4 years Trump has accused British foreign agents of spying on him, attacked Thereasa May and encouraged British far right groups on twitter. However, many things will change after his departure.  

Previously Trump insisted that the NHS pay more for American drugs after Brexit, whereas Biden believes strongly in universal healthcare and may not go ahead as harshly as Trump, hopefully a blessing to the NHS. Secondly cast your minds back to August of 2019 when British teenager, Harry Dunn was killed in a road traffic accident by former CIA agent Anne Sacoolas because she was driving on the wrong side of the road. After telling the police she would stay in the UK she fled back to America claiming diplomatic immunity. The Trump administration refused to extradite her, and Harry Dunn’s family have been robbed of any justice. However, although this issue is surrounded by legalities, hopefully the Biden administration will renew hope to the family that justice can prevail. Lastly Biden believes in taking an active role in climate change leadership to reduce carbon emissions, so Trump’s reopening of coal mines and removing America from the Paris Climate Accord will all be reversed. He also plans to come to the UK early in his presidency. President Biden will hopefully be a much-needed beacon of hope for America. 


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