Sperm supply is low, so women created an underground supply network

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The spread of the coronavirus and lockdowns have kept sperm donors from going in to donate. Then the demand soared.The New York Times noted earlier this month that demand for sperm has already been on the incline with “the legalization of gay marriage and the rise of elective single motherhood.”One sperm bank increased their sales by 20% in the past year, their compliance supervisor told the Times.To their credit, sperm banks throughout the US have adapted quickly to the situation, many managing to reopen by May or June after the first breakout of the coronavirus. Forbes, on January 11, listed four reasons why they were successful despite the world shutting down: greater operational efficiency, renewed practices that maintain COVID-19 safety, the switch to tele-health, from which there is “no turning back” now. The last reason is thanks to stay-at-home orders: egg freezing. Egg freezing rose by 41% from June to September, according to a report by NYU’s Langone Fertility Center. Women have not been dating due to social distancing measures, and also “hung out at home and in sweatpants,” creating the perfect greenhouse for egg production and freezing.

Still, the supply of donors for sperm banks remained the same, creating a need for more. “I also think part of it is people are trying to find some hope right now,” Michelle Ottey, the director of operations at another large sperm bank, Fairfax Cyrobank, told the Times. When the bureaucracy and waiting became too much, many women joined Facebook groups that bypass all the FDA regulations, legalities, and systems of sperm banks. They approach the sperm donors directly, who give it away for free. Two of the largest Facebook groups are called “Sperm Donation USA” and “USA Sperm Donation.” The critical nature of the legal roadblocks cannot be underplayed though. The Times highlighted the risk on both ends: since the identity of the father is known from the start (it isn’t when sperm is acquired through a bank), the mother might ask him for child support, while the sperm donor might wish for custody of the child.

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