Police say business break-ins on the rise since pandemic

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Business break-ins have been on the rise since the pandemic started, according to police. One shop in Westport continues to feel the blow. The owner said criminals aren’t getting anything valuable, but they’re costing him tons in damage. 

Sacred Leaf is picking up the pieces after another break-in. Now, they’re stepping up security – again – in a big way.

Owner Emmitt Monslow is installing a high security folding gate across the front of his CBD shop.

“If any of this could’ve take 20 more seconds he would’ve been caught,” Monslow said.

A handful of break-in attempts pushed him to this point. This time causing $4,000 in damage. Between that, minimal lost product and new cameras he’s out $15,000 to $20,000.

“As a young new business it’s detrimental,” Monslow said.

He opened Sacred Leaf in July during the pandemic. 

Monslow said the product thieves find is not the THC they’re looking for. So, they don’t even take much.

It’s not a cash-heavy business either. 

“This guy got $15 in change and he stole my cash box,” Monslow said. “It costs me more to replace the cashbox than the money that he stole.”

He’s tired of his business taking the hit. 

“I’ve already had to turn away a bunch of customers,” Monslow said.

Financial Dir. Ethan Ashu understands the frustration. Thieves burglarized his CBD business in December. 

“That set us back by about $10,000 to $15,000 of product,” Ashu said.

They’ve since moved locations and re-branded. The Joint is now thriving in Raytown, thanks to community support. 

“Kansas City’s a very tight-knit city,” Ashu said. “So, eventually they will be found, and they will get caught.”

Monslow hopes that’s true. 

Meanwhile, these criminals caused a trickledown effect of suffering in an already tough time. 

“I’ve still got quarterly taxes, I’ve got to pay my rent, I’ve got to pay my employees, they’re due this month,” Monslow said. “All that’s become a heavy burden especially when you have $4,000 in repair.”

Monslow filed a police report and submitted security footage and pictures to police. KCPD is now investigation the theft. 

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