Is Biden’s vaccine mandate legal? It doesn’t matter.

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In “Other Duties as Assigned,” HR Dive Lead Editor Kate Tornone weighs in on employment trends, compliance best practices and, of course, the situations that require you to go above and beyond your normal duties. Today: leading an economic and public health recovery effort.

When President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the government would soon require many employers to mandate coronavirus vaccines for workers, there was much hand-wringing about the rule’s legality.

Is it legal? And, if so, is it enforceable?

It doesn’t matter.

The administration is frustrated with the damage done by those who remain unvaccinated, Biden said. The

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Apple wins Epic antitrust suit

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On the main allegations against Apple, though, her ruling offered yet another sign of the high legal bar that Silicon Valley’s critics face in proving antitrust violations.

“Apple enjoys considerable market share of over 55 precent and extraordinarily high profit margins, [but] these factors alone do not show antitrust conduct,” Gonzalez Rogers found. “Success is not illegal.”

The ruling comes as Apple remains under investigation for potential competition law violations by the Justice Department, in Europe and in several Asian countries. But the decision is far from the last word on the case, as Epic Games has already indicated it

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Pa. Sen. Pat Toomey questions legality of President Biden’s mandates on COVID-19 vaccine

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Sen. Pat Toomey is questioning whether President Biden’s sweeping plan to vaccinate more workers in the private sector is legal.

Biden has announced a multi-step plan to address the spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide, including a mandate for companies with more than 100 workers to require vaccines or regular testing. He’s also implementing a similar requirement in health care facilities that received federal money from Medicare and Medicaid. The two steps would affect about 100 million workers.

Toomey, a Republican from the Lehigh Valley, said Friday he encourages all Americans to get vaccinated. But he also said businesses can impose

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California Supreme Court Reinforces Strong Presumption Against Liability for Companies Hiring Independent Contractors Based on Injuries to Contract Workers

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September 10, 2021

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On September 9, the Supreme Court of California issued its ruling in Sandoval v. Qualcomm Inc., No. S252796, ___ Cal.5th ___.  The decision is the latest in a line of cases reinforcing the strong presumption under California law that a person who hires an independent contractor delegates to the contractor all responsibility for the safety of contract workers.

In Sandoval, a contract worker hired by Qualcomm to examine electrical equipment on its campus was severely injured.  He sued Qualcomm for negligence and premises liability under the theory that Qualcomm should have implemented

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The cast of ‘Queenpins’ on playing criminals and couponing: ‘Smart people use coupons’

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Kristen Bell and the cast of Queenpins share their couponing stories and talk about playing relatable criminals.

Video Transcript

GREG: Total is $138.55.


GREG: It’s like 1,000 coupons.


KEVIN POLOWY: This is one of those stranger than fiction stories that’s actually based on real events, crazy as it is, a multimillion dollar coupon scheme these women in Arizona pulled off. How do you guys look at these ladies? Like, both your characters and the actual women who– who pulled off this scheme and inspired the whole film?

KRISTEN BELL: I have the utmost amount of

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