New business helps nonprofits form and dissolve

Bizar Male

Apr. 12—Nonprofits are all about fundraising and providing services, not necessarily the legalities of starting, operating and shutting down a business.

Mayo King and Talia Kosh went live Monday with Start Good!, a business specializing in assisting nonprofit charities, foundations and hybrids with organizational consulting, formation and compliance services.

The business was born of the pandemic as businesses and nonprofits needed to shut down. King herself managed operations and special events for a decade at Creative Santa Fe, which now is in an “inactive state.” Kosh is president and founder of New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts.

“Talia and I found through personal experience that several nonprofits needed assistance dissolving the business,” King said. “At the same time, we found groups that needed assistance forming nonprofits.”

Start Good! focuses entirely on starting and dissolving nonprofits and assisting ongoing nonprofits with compliance, topics typically handled by certified public accountants and attorneys who do many other tasks, King said.

“This is our specialty,” King said. “A lot of groups that want to form a nonprofit don’t necessarily know the steps they need to take.”

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