Nashville Criminals Steal Guns, Take Advantage of Drivers Who Won’t Lock Doors – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-06-01 01:06:14 –

Thieves in Nashville can even steal their own cars because they steal firearms from other people’s cars and the owners don’t lock the doors of their cars.

“according to this, Press release Announced this week by members of the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

According to a review of gun theft reports in Nashville from Sunday 16th May to Saturday 22nd May, 10 guns were stolen from cars and trucks and 8 were stolen from unlocked vehicles. These guns are routinely removed from cars in parking lots and cars parked outside nightclubs, private residences, hotels and short-term rental properties, “the press release said.

“These thefts are often involved in young people who later use these weapons in violent criminal acts, including murder. So far this year, 320 guns have been stolen from vehicles. I am.

MNPD officials said car vandalism is closely linked to car theft.

“Reviewing reports of stolen vehicles in Nashville during the same reporting period, 61% of vehicles confiscated (38 out of 62) because the keys were left inside or made available to thieves. Was easily targeted, “said the press release.

“Four of the 62 stolen vehicles remained running without a driver. Like guns stolen from cars, these stolen cars could be car jacks, robbers, etc. He is also routinely involved in additional criminal activity. MNPD strongly recommends that Nashvilians lock car doors, keep valuables, especially guns safe, and remove keys. These simple actions can help prevent crime and save lives. “

So Tennessee Star As we have reported several times, state-wide thieves and convicted serious offenders often bypass traditional and legal ways to obtain firearms.

As an example, As reported In March, a federal prosecutor’s office employee in the western district of Tennessee sentenced an already convicted serious offender to 88 months’ imprisonment for possession of a firearm in the western state.

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Nashville Criminals Steal Guns, Take Advantage of Drivers Who Won’t Lock Doors Source link Nashville Criminals Steal Guns, Take Advantage of Drivers Who Won’t Lock Doors

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