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“The District’s failure to address and resolve the contradictions within the issued contracts, which leaves educators uncertain about what they are being offered in compensation for the upcoming school year, sows more uncertainty after a year of constant trauma and unrest,” Jones said.

MMSD spokesman Tim LeMonds wrote in an email Tuesday that the district was “continuing to work with MTI to come to an amicable agreement and a place of mutual understanding on the matter.” He did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Last month, LeMonds said the change in wording on the initial contracts was “the result of our district leaders being sensitive to questions posed last year by Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), as we worked through the unique circumstances associated with a sustained pandemic.

“Last fall … MTI brought to our attention the perception MMSD was in breach of our contract because the 2019-2020 contracts given to staff listed salaries the Board had not yet officially voted to accept,” LeMonds wrote. “It was later determined MMSD administration did not have the authority to include expected salary increases in staff contracts prior to the Board approving the budget through an official vote, as was previous practice.”

[MMSD still finalizing plans, but ‘full return’ likely if local COVID-19 trends continue]

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