Louisa County Board of Supervisors reduces sheriff’s office payment

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WAPELLO — A decrease in Oakville’s population following a devastating flood in 2008 will mean a reduced payment in its law enforcement contract with the Louisa County Sheriff’s office.

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors approved a revised contract with the city during its regular weekly meeting on Tuesday reducing the contract’s annual payment from $12,285 to $5,408.

Morning Sun, Letts, Grandview and Oakville have contracted with the LCSO for their law enforcement coverage for the past several years, but in Fiscal Year 2022, the city of Fredonia decided to also seek its coverage through the county.

Previously, Fredonia has contracted with the city of Columbus Junction for its coverage and when the switch was made, the supervisors set Fredonia’s rate on a per capita basis.

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