Law firm hired by city sues over missed payment

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CLIFTON — On Tuesday, right before the City Council was to meet, a process server appeared before the podium and served the city, its council members, the city manager and several others with a civil complaint.

The lawsuit asks for more than $30,000 for the Nicholas and Valerie Palma law firm, which was hired by the city to investigate whether officers who also serve in the National Guard were being discriminated against. 

The report has been the subject of ongoing skirmishes between the law firm and the city, and this is the second suit filed to seek payment.

After the 32-page report was filed in March 2020, Nicholas Palma submitted his invoice for approximately $10,000. The city refused to pay it. That is breach of contract that the complaint alleges.

The Clifton City Council chambers were packed in 2019 as people came out in support of Clifton police who also serve in military. These officers feel as if they have been discriminated against by the city.

Because the firm claims it spent approximately 67 hours in trying to get paid, the suit asks for restitution for that time.

Clifton won’t pay 

According to the complaint, Clifton wanted Palma to turn over his notes from interviews with officers. Palma, however, had promised that all discussion would be kept confidential.   

“They were reticent,” he said of the police officers, because they feared reprisals from superiors.

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