Electronic tagging for foreign criminals to help kick them out of the country when time is served

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Priti Patel will announce electronic tagging for foreign criminals to help kick them out of the country when they have served their time

  • Priti Patel will announce that the tags will stop foreign criminals from fleeing 
  • More than 900 foreign criminals have already been deported in 2021 alone 
  • It follows Ms Patel’s announcement of her new plan for immigration  

Foreign criminals will be electronically tagged to stop them fleeing and keep track of them when they have served their time, Priti Patel will announce. 

More than 900 foreign criminals have been deported this year, but many stay in the UK to mount legal challenges. 

Home Secretary Priti Patel will make electronic ankle tags a condition of their release from prison, and has ordered enough GPS kits for 4,5000 offenders by the end of next year, according to The Sun

Priti Patel (pictured) is bringing in new plans to reform the immigration system and legislation 

Currently, the UK can make foreign citizens who have been jailed leave the country, and 7,985 have been removed since January 2019. 

They can be released from a detention centre if they challenge the grounds of their deportation, and sometimes this happens at the last minute. 

To date, more than 250 criminals have been issued with GPS devices.  

Ms Patel said of the programme: ‘It will help to deter foreign criminals who callously seek to abuse the system, breach bail conditions, and commit further crimes, putting the lives and safety of the public at risk.’

It follows the launch of her New Plan for Immigration.

Earlier this week, Ms Patel revealed that the immigration legislation and rules are currently 500 pages long, and that the Home Office is in the process of simplifying them.  

Measures will include the digitalisation of borders, which it is hoped will enable to department to ‘upstream checks’ which she has said is ‘important in terms of criminality.’    

They also include upping jail time from six months to five years for criminals who return to the UK in breach of deportation orders.


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