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I’ve encountered side-by-sides three different times already this week, twice on marked two-lane roads and once riding the four-lane in Crab Orchard. The last of the two had four occupants and even had a small child on the driver’s lap pretending to help him drive while it appeared no one was wearing a seat belt.

Why are cars being held to the standard of inspection stickers, insurance, registration, proof of property taxes for plate sticker, seat belts, child safety (forward and backward car seats), driver’s ed, license, legal driving age, etc. – while these jokers get a free pass to drive their $25,000 toys, some of which are larger than cars, on all state roads and county routes with absolutely no laws or legalities attached?

Some have told me that you can get them licensed but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a license plate on any side-by-side I’ve ever encountered on the state and county roads around here. I’ve even observed law enforcement passing them on the road, but if that was me with a dead sticker, the lights would be coming on while they were doing a big U-turn.

Look, I have nothing against any ATV, but people are using them as a loophole through the very laws of which actual automobile drivers are being penalized. This situation makes local law enforcement look undermined. Sooner or later, in the event of a chase or crime-flight, the police cruiser won’t stand a chance. All I’m saying is get them off the road or hold side-by-sides to every single standard that car owners and drivers are being held. Or simply drop all laws for all vehicles on the road.

Scott Lester

Crab Orchard

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