DC Police Chief: “You Can Not Coddle Violent Criminals,” They Need To Be Off The Streets | Video

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Washington D.C. police chief Robert Contee spoke out Friday about rising crime and the way the justice system has been paralyzed by COVID lockdowns at the site of a shooting last night.

What happened last night on 14th Street is “unacceptable in any community,” he said. “This should be shocking to the conscience of every person in our city. I don’t care where you live, it has the attention that it is gotten now because it’s happened where it happened.”

“The justice system we have right now is not functioning the way that it should. The courts are not open. That is a fact. Barely open. So cases from last year that happened during COVID — violent criminals — they have not been disposed of, where do you think those individuals are?” he asked. “They’re in communities…. And their cases have not been disposed of.”

“You cannot coddle violent criminals,” he said. “They might not want a job. They might not need services… They may need to be off our streets.”

He also decried reductions in police personnel: “The reality is we have a shrinking workforce. I have a definitive amount of resources. 200 and some officers less this year than I had last year.”

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