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ISLAND CITY — A new contract with the Union County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services in Island City is set to take effect July 1.

The Union County Board of Commissioners Wednesday, April 7, ratified the pact that Island City’s city council approved Feb. 15.

The contract is similar to the one now in place.

The contract calls for Island City to continue receiving 80 hours a month of law enforcement service from the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The contract, like the present one, will automatically increase 1.5% each year on July 1 to allow for cost-of-living pay increases and will remain in place indefinitely unless one party pulls out or negotiates for a change.

The cost of the contract to Island City in the first three years of the pact will be $59,709.07 in 2021-22, $60,604.71 in 2022-23 and $61,513.78 in 2023-24.

The big difference between the new contact and the current one is the city or the sheriff’s office must give a 120-day notice for any changes to the deal. The current contract requires a one-year notice before Island City can negotiate changes or cancel the contract, but the Union County Sheriff’s Office can do either on a much shorter notice.

Sheriff Cody Bowen said the change makes the contract more just.

“It seems like a fairer deal to me,” Bowen said.

The contract also calls for the same individual from the sheriff’s office to provide reports about the past month’s law enforcement activities at the city council’s regular monthly meetings, in six-month rotations.

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