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The Jefferson County commissioners approved to obtain outside legal counsel regarding the 465 N legalities that were brought up in the July 5 commissioner’s meeting.

According to Commissioner Scott Hancock, the commissioners discussed three different attorneys since the July 5 meeting: Weston Davis, Paul Ziel of Murray, Ziel, & Johnston, PLLC, and Eric Anderson.

Hancock stated his concern about Anderson was he represented the Grover’s, who are involved in the 465 N area, and didn’t think that he would be a good fit.

Prosecuting Attorney Mark Taylor then mentioned one of the three is currently facing a bar complaint, and stated the commissioners and him should discuss this further in an executive session, if the commissioners wanted.

“They all get bar complaints, though,” said Hancock. “And the reason I say that is it’s rare that you don’t see one that doesn’t get a bar complaint. I don’t know if that should make a difference in our decision.”

Hancock stated the commissioners were ready to make a decision, but Taylor could talk to them individually if he would like.

The commissioners then went into a short recess, and thanked the public for their patience.

After the recess, Hancock stated with the information provided to the commissioners by their attorney, it did help them come to a final decision. Anderson posed a conflict of interest, but Mr. Ziel was a deputy at one point in time, so he might be their best candidate.

Commissioner Roger Clark then made a motion to retain Ziel to work on the legal issue of 465 N. It was unanimously approved.

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