City of Topeka at impasse on contract talks with police, firefighters

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Day-to-day police and firefighting services across Topeka shouldn’t suffer as a result of impasses declared in contract talks between the city government and its rank-and-file police officers and firefighters.

“The declaration of impasse is a contractual matter that should not change service provided to citizens,” said a statement The Capital-Journal received Thursday from Charles Wilson, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3, and Matt Blassingame, chief union steward for that lodge.

“However, the stability given through a finalized agreement can have a positive impact on recruiting, hiring and retention of officers,” they added.

FOP Lodge No. 3, which represents 244 Topeka police officers with the rank of sergeant and below in collective bargaining, announced June 15 that an impasse had been declared in its contract talks with the city.

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