City of Credit River Contracts with Scott Co. Sheriff’s Office for Law Enforcement | News

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Credit River Township is scheduled to transition into a city this spring and their officials have decided to contract with the Scott Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement services to its nearly 6,000 residents.

The contract officially began last month, and the Sheriff’s Office has been working with Credit River Township officials to develop a customized plan for services to meet the needs of the new city. Deputy Jason Muelken has been assigned to fill this full-time role dedicated to serve Credit River.

Deputy Muelken began working at the Sheriff’s Office in August 2016. He grew up in the Credit River and Prior Lake area and has many family members that live in Credit River. In addition to his patrol duties, Deputy Muelken is also a Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Technician, and a Crisis Negotiator for the regional Tri-City Tactical Team (SWAT).

“Aside from getting to know the Credit River community better, I am looking forward to the opportunity to experience a new role at the Sheriff’s Office,” said Deputy Muelken. “I am also looking forward to helping in any way I can during the transition from township to city.”

The Sheriff’s Office has always provided law enforcement services for Credit River Township, and now having a dedicated deputy assigned to the city should reduce response times to calls for service, increase police visibility within the community, and improve our familiarity with local issues and needs.

“Contracting with the Sheriff’s Office provides a sensible means for a newly incorporated city to increase their law enforcement coverage, allow access to a wider array of resources available from a larger department, while lowering their overall costs of operation,” said Sheriff Luke Hennen.”

Deputy Muelken can be reached at [email protected] or 952-496-8856. Always dial 9-1-1 for any police, fire, or medical response from public safety personnel.

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