Florida Coastal suspended from federal student loan program | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

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Florida Coastal School of Law says a “procedural matter” resulted in its termination from the federal student loan program, triggering the process for closing the school.

By direction of the American Bar Association, Florida Coastal submitted a teach-out plan May 7 that would allow the school to maintain its accreditation while its students are allowed to transfer to other accredited law schools to complete their education.

Florida Coastal President and Dean Peter Goplerud said May 11 that the U.S. Department of Education terminated the law school’s participation in the federal student loan program in April when Sterling Capital Partners, the

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Harckham Bill That Includes Landlord Training in Neighborhood Preservation Passes in Senate

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New York State Senator Pete Harckham and his colleagues in the Senate passed legislation (S.4485) that will include landlord training as part of neighborhood preservation company activities. This bill will educate and support current or prospective landlords and promote safe and responsibly managed housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents.

“With more and more and more residents looking into different housing options in New York, it makes sense that we work to ensure that today’s landlord—and tomorrow’s, too—are prepared for their responsibilities,” said Harckham. “Communicating with landlords and keeping them informed of legalities and best practices will help

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With cruising set to resume, some nagging questions: Travel Weekly

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You can feel the optimism in the air — it is palpable. We’re going to beat this thing and, for many of us, we’re literally going to sail away from it.

On April 28, the major cruise lines that had been arguing the impracticality of a series of “test” sailings won their argument. Now, in place of test cruises, each of the major lines will have to agree to vaccinate virtually all crew members while assuring the CDC that 95% of passengers will be fully vaccinated.

Thus, the CDC has lifted the cruise ban in North America that

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Why law? Legal expertise is invaluable across a wide range of industries

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The long arm of the law isn’t confined to the work of solicitors and barristers: legal expertise is invaluable across a wide range of industries.

Why study law:

The skills of a law graduate – problem-solving, analysis, research and, indeed, identifying potential problems and finding solutions – are highly sought by employers. So if law appeals but you don’t know if you want to work in it, fret not: you’ll still leave college with a valuable degree.

Solicitors, by and large, prepare cases for court or deal with litigation, whereas a barrister represents a client in court.

Working in law

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Is OccupyGhana Too Preoccupied With Legalities?

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I must admit that I have the greatest respect for the social pressure group, “OccupyGhana.”

Therefore, I do not find it surprising that OccupyGhana is currently attracting headlines by preaching that “Galamsey is illegal and it must not be fought with illegal means”!

But wait a minute: what “illegal means” is the Government using to fight galamsey?

According to OccupyGhana, “there are clear laws stipulated in the Constitution, laying down sanctions and punishments for people engaged in the illegal act.” Therefore, the Government should “enforce those laws.”

OccupyGhana was reacting to photos and videos circulating in the

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