Chicago PD season 8, episode 15 synopsis and promo: The Right Thing

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Chicago PD is going to give fans a Samantha Miller-centric episode, per the information that NBC has disseminated about what’s happening on Wednesday.

The penultimate hour of season 8 is called “The Right Thing,” and involves Intelligence trying to break down a crime ring. The case has a personal connection to Miller (recurring guest star Nicole Ari Parker), which is revealed in the promo included at the bottom of this article (we won’t mention what for those who don’t want to be spoiled).

But making the Deputy Superintendent part of the case of the week means that viewers should get

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What’s on the minds of party leaders in Tunbridge Wells after Conservatives lose majority

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WHAT’S NEXT? The four leaders of the main parties on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (above) (clockwise, starting top right) David Hayward (The Alliance); Ben Chapleard (Lib Dems); Alan McDermott (Cons) and Hugo Pound (Lab)

Opposition party leaders are crunching through the legalities of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s constitution after the ruling Conservatives lost their majority at the elections.

The Conservatives now hold 24 of the 48 seats, with the opposition parties holding the other half: 13 are now held by the Liberal Democrats, with five by The Alliance and five by Labour, with one held by an Independent.

Conservative’s had

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The Legalities In Recording Court Proceedings – Lawyer Kwame Akuffo Schools Journalists | General News

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To be able to record proceedings in court, you would have to be given authorisation under the court act, according to legal practitioner, Kwame Akuffo.

This comes on the back of the arrest of two journalists Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu Baidoo by operatives of the National Security.

According to National Security, Caleb was filming at a security zone; the premises of the National Security Ministry.

The question now is which areas are tagged security zones and are there any strict legal regime or acts guiding people recording or taking pictures in security zones, courts, or other restricted areas.


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Masked and vaccinated? Kennewick lawyer explains business legalities

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KENNEWICK, Wash. – Now that the CDC has eased mask guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated, a lot of questions have arose surrounding the legalities of asking someone their vaccine status.

Kennewick Lawyer George Cicotte frequently represents big name companies, sorts through employee benefits and other labor related matters including HIPAA laws.

He said during the pandemic, there’s been some legal grey area for businesses when it comes to vaccine requirements.

“If this were a typical vaccine, the legal analysis would be quite settled: yes, employers

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Mally Mall Sentenced To 33 Months For Running Prostitution Ring

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Source: David Becker / Getty

Yesterday (May 13), hip hop rapper and producer Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid was sentenced to 33 months in prison for running a prostitution ring.

As per Yahoo News, federal prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Nevada claim Mally Mall  “operated a high-end prostitution business that transported victims across the United States” for 12 years — between April 2002 and September 2014. He pled guilty to one count of the use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity back in October 2019.

According to the

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