The cast of ‘Queenpins’ on playing criminals and couponing: ‘Smart people use coupons’

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Kristen Bell and the cast of Queenpins share their couponing stories and talk about playing relatable criminals.

Video Transcript

GREG: Total is $138.55.


GREG: It’s like 1,000 coupons.


KEVIN POLOWY: This is one of those stranger than fiction stories that’s actually based on real events, crazy as it is, a multimillion dollar coupon scheme these women in Arizona pulled off. How do you guys look at these ladies? Like, both your characters and the actual women who– who pulled off this scheme and inspired the whole film?

KRISTEN BELL: I have the utmost amount of

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Yuma Criminals Football using first game loss to launch successful season

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YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – The Yuma Criminals have taken their fair share of lumps in recent history with many losing seasons, failing to register more than three wins in a single season since 2013-14.

So the key in 2021 is simple. Go out and win some games.

After talking to a couple seniors at practice this week, they are tired of losing and being overlooked. Most importantly, they are now ready to turn the tide and be the best football team in the area.

Senior wide receiver, Vladimir Olson, saying that teams have overlooked their program and made it

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$500K of criminals’ ‘dirty money’ aims to help Houston Crime Stoppers’ ‘Catch a Killer’

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HOUSTONCrime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the “Catch a Killer” public safety initiative designed to capture more than 600 murder fugitives wanted for crimes across the Houston area.

The nonprofit’s effort will begin in a few weeks, Mankarious said on the Crime Stoppers of Houston website with a landing page that highlights some of the most wanted fugitives, including these noted in the news conference on Friday:

Michael Hull – wanted for the murder of Estela Sanchez – Offense date: May 1, 2021. Four prior felony convictions. Sanchez was

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Smart policing: Nailing criminals not a handicap anymore : The Tribune India

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PK Jaiswar

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, September 9

Even as the city police have initiated digital mapping to bring down crime rate in the holy city, the police have failed to use the Punjab Artificial Intelligence System (PAIS) at its optimum level.

Though the system has been there for the last nearly three years, it was hardly used by cops performing duties at checkpoints in different parts.

Therefore, miscreants continued to create law and order problems.

“Had the PAIS been used at nakas by cops, it would have easily nailed down many anti-social elements, thereby helping in arresting them on

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War Criminals and 9/11: How We Achieve Accountability

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The bestowing of official positions and accolades on men guilty of human rights violations is a bipartisan issue. Henry Kissinger, for example, remains widely respected in Washington, D.C., circles, and was honored by the Obama administration in a 2016 ceremony at the Pentagon. Hillary Clinton has referred to Kissinger as a friend. He also advised Trump.

But in administrations past, Kissinger aided regimes that committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, making him complicit. Several individuals, including journalist Charles Glass, have written about Kissinger’s actions. Over the course of nine months in 1971 Bangladesh, the Pakistani Army

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