3 Tips For Handling Car Accidents on Private Property

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While facing any car accident and dealing with it is a great ordeal, it becomes even more troublesome if the accident happens on private property. You may be faced with a dozen questions such as whether the accident will be covered by your insurance, whether you need to call the police, and so on. This article will enlist some suggestions that might help you out in such a situation.

While this article has some tips, if you need additional consultation, Richard Harris Law is one of the best options you could turn to with regards to auto accidents on private property.

1. Gather Evidence

Contrary to an automobile accident on a public road, it may not be possible for you to call the police to report the accident since the private property may be out of their jurisdiction.

However, if there are any injuries due to the accident, then you should immediately call the emergency services to tend to the injured and provide them with the help they need. In some instances, law agencies may be able to write an incident report for the accident as well. While not an official police report, it might help you out a lot when filing an insurance claim later.

Regardless, you must try to gather as many eyewitnesses as you can and, if possible, record a written statement of their account. Also, make sure to ask for their phone numbers in case you need to contact them later on for more information.

Moreover, you can take photos of the site of the accident, the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident, and any skid marks. You could also note down other information relevant to the incident such as the time of the day, weather and traffic conditions, and any information that may help paint a better picture of the accident.

2. Get the Property Owner Involved

An important step that most people miss is contacting the owner and trying to get their help. In most cases, the property owner will be cooperative and will help you out with any CCTV footage or other pieces of evidence that you may need. This usually happens when they were personally of no-fault in regards to the accident that took place.

However, in some instances, the accident itself may be caused by negligence on the property owners’ part such as their property causing sharp corners or blind spots. In such situations, while the owner may be less than reluctant to help you out, you should still at least approach them to see whether they are willing to assist you.

3. Inform Your Insurance Company

This is another crucial thing you must do after an accident takes place, whether on public or private property. While many insurance companies may deny covering for accidents on private property, it is always worth a try.

 It might be best to consult a reputed law agency to solicit advice if you feel your insurance company is taking advantage of you or giving you less compensation than what you are entitled to. These were a few tips that can help you out if you ever face an accident on private property, but it is always a good idea to lawyer up in these situations.

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