In review: the essentials of insurance and reinsurance law in Austria

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Insurance and reinsurance law

i Sources of law

The most relevant source of insurance law is the Austrian Insurance Contract Act (VersVG).11 The general provisions of the VersVG are set out in Sections 1 to 49 and cover all (regulated) types of insurance contracts. In addition to the general section, the VersVG sets out specific rules for different insurance branches such as indemnity, fire, personal liability, legal protection, life, private health and casualty insurance.12

However, the VersVG does not regulate every single aspect of an insurance contract. Also, it explicitly does not apply to certain types

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Apple accused of breaking EU law over App Store sales fees | Apple

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Apple has been accused of breaking EU law by charging high fees and setting unfair rules on those selling their products in its App Store, resulting typically in a 30% price hike for paying customers.

Margrethe Vestager, the European commissioner for competition, said the preliminary view was that Apple had distorted competition in the music streaming market by abusing its dominant position and role as a “gatekeeper” to the 1.8m apps in its store.

The commissioner said it was unfair that developers had to pay up to 30% commission on sales and agree to tight rules if they wished to

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Why are two Stow Municipal Court judges having one of the most bitter primary elections in Northeast Ohio?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Few races in Tuesday’s primary can match the venom in Stow, where two Republican judges are squaring off in one of the region’s most contentious campaigns.

Lisa Coates and Kim Hoover are longtime jurists whose feuds over the years have reached beyond their courtrooms in Stow Municipal Court, where they are the only two judges.

In an unusual move, Hoover, who has four more years on his six-year term, is challenging Coates’ run for re-election.

The winner does not face a Democrat in November, but non-partisan candidates can join the race if they file by Monday. The

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Physical punishment happening less in New Zealand, but still common, shows study

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crying child
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

There is a clear downward trend in the number of parents using physical violence as a punishment in New Zealand, but its use is still relatively common, a new University of Otago study reveals.

Anti-smacking legislation that prohibited the use of physical punishment of children was introduced in New Zealand in 2007. The Otago study, to be published tomorrow in the New Zealand Medical Journal, spans before and after the legislation came into force and examines how the prevalence of child physical punishment changed between 2002 to 2017.

The 763 parents studied were members of

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Former Oklahoma state senator testifies at own law license reinstatement hearing

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former state Senate Pro Temp testified on Thursday during the second day of his law license reinstatement hearing at the Oklahoma Bar Association. 

“I was a lawyer, a legislator, convicted of a serious crime. That reflects poorly on the profession and the legislature,” Former Senator Mike Morgan said on Thursday during the second day of his law license reinstatement hearing. 

During the hearing on Thursday, Morgan was on the stand for about six hours. 

“I never should have let my name be

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