Manchester City make a key decision in their pursuit of Lionel Messi

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The speculation surrounding Lionel Messi’s future does not seem to end at all even though the Argentine has insisted that he will only take a decision on his future at the end of this season. Last summer, Manchester City were considered to be the frontrunners in the race to land the 33-year-old but Barcelona sticking to the legalities in the Argentine’s contract meant that the Cityzens would have to face an uncertain wait to land the 33-year-old.

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Sky Sports understands that sources close to both Messi and Manchester City have confirmed that no real offer has been made to the Barcelona skipper in the recent past including the time when the Cityzens were being heavily linked to Messi last summer.

This could mean either of two things. One, Manchester City have no real interest in landing Lionel Messi due to his extraordinary wage bill and second, the former Premier League champions are learning from the mistakes made by Paris Saint-Germain and are playing the waiting game.

The next month’s presidential elections in Barcelona will be the key to Messi staying or leaving Camp Nou. It is highly likely that the 33-year-old will only take a decision on his future after hearing out the new president and his plans for the club moving forward.

For long, the 33-year-old has insisted that he is in need of a winning project more than the finances. Money is secondary for Messi and there is a good chance that he will take a pay-cut if he does decide to join either Manchester City or PSG this summer.

Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the world and if Manchester City can sign him for free, the Sky Blues must go for it. While the wages of the 33-year-old are astronomical, he produces staggering numbers for Barcelona, both on the pitch and off it. It is now known that Messi costs Barcelona 8% of their revenue while he generates over 30% of it.

Who is going to be the eventual winner in the race to land Messi? Is it going to be City or is it going to be PSG?

Or, will Messi decide to stay in Barcelona?

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