Lisa Smith Act: Fort Bend Co. officials to discuss punishments for drivers who hit people at crosswalks

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FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — In Fort Bend County, officials are expected to discuss harsher punishments for drivers who hit people on crosswalks. This comes after a new law was named in honor of a mother who was hit and killed while walking her son to school.

The accident happened in October of 2017 in Sienna.

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Lisa Smith died, and her little boy was left injured. But, the driver was only given a ticket. Nothing more.

Prosecutors eventually asked a Grand Jury to look into the case, but because the law was vague when it came to punishment, the driver never received a stiffer sentence.

“Let’s say you’re distracted or not paying attention because somebody is at a crosswalk,” said Smith’s husband. “There is no law that holds people accountable from a felony standpoint for injuring or killing people.”

Since then, lawmakers have worked to increase the penalties for striking someone at a crosswalk. It now carries a Class A misdemeanor and the punishment increases if someone dies.

A briefing will be held by Fort Bend County officials at 4 p.m. to discuss the law and what it means for drivers. The event can be live streamed in the video player above.

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