Families of Slain Judges See Political Motive Behind Attack

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The family of Qadria Yasini and Zakia Herawi, two female judges from the Supreme Court who were killed in an attack by armed men in Kabul on Sunday morning, said they see a political motive behind the assassination, and they are calling for a thorough investigation.

Qadria Yasini’s family said blamed the security agencies and the Supreme Court’ for “failing” to prevent such attacks.

Qadria Yasini was 53 years old and Zakia Herawi was 34. They both worked at the studies directorate of the Supreme Court for over 10 years.

Qadria was married and is survived by two children.

“She was a kind mother to her children… I will not be able to give her children that kindness,” said Shukraia Yasini, Qadria’s sister.

“Sending judges with one driver and a car is not secure while threats (against their community) has greatly increased. They should have been provided full safety, but it did not happen,” said Mohammad Amin Yasini, Qadria’s brother.

Zia Gul, mother of Zakia Herawi, said she was the only breadwinner for the family.

“We call on the government to wake up. The country is in shock, the nation is in shock,” she said.

“No one is there to take care of us in this land. There is no law, no justice, nothing,” said Farzana, Zakia’s sister.

The Supreme Court has not issued a statement on the incident on its website.

“The government should overcome insecurity if it has not shared in these incidents,” said Habib-ur-Rahman Pedram, an MP from Herat.

Meanwhile, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who briefs people on his Facebook for his daily morning meetings, wrote on Monday that the fundamental way to end targeted killings in major cities is “executing Taliban captives.”

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