Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

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The frequency of motorcycle accidents is not higher than the other accident types. However, they are so much more likely to end up in a serious injury or even death.

The federal government released a statistic stating that there are more deaths in motorcycle accidents by 35 times when compared to regular car accidents. This is why it is very important to be aware of what your options are and you need to be aware of the fact that you are entitled to compensation when injured because of the actions of someone else.

To highlight the dangers you are faced with, motorcycle accident lawyers in Washington DC highlight the following very common motorcycle accident causes you need to know.

Head-On Collisions

Crashes between motorcycles and cars amount to over half of all motorcycle accident deaths. Usually, the car hits the motorbike right from the front. This happens almost 80% of the time. Such collisions tend to be fatal or at least lead to very serious injuries for the person on the motorcycle.

Left-Hand Turns

This is a very serious and dangerous scenario for the motorcyclist. We are talking about cars making left turns without checking, which make up 42% of accidents between cars and motorcycles. The car will strike the motorbike as it is trying to pass the vehicle, overtake it, or goes straight.

While such an accident is also very common in accidents between cars, it is more dangerous for the motorcycle rider.

In most cases, the party at fault is the car. However, if motorcyclists are speeding or are not in the correct lane, some fault exists for the rider.

Lane Splitting

This happens when the motorcycle rider is going between lanes with slowly moving vehicles or stopped cars. Usually, this happens during traffic games. Such a scenario often leads to accidents because:

  • Motorcycles are very close to cars.
  • There is a reduced space available for maneuvers.
  • Cars rarely anticipate that there will be a motorcycle trying to get past them.

When such an accident happens, the law dictates responsibility. There are states in which this is not a problem and is allowed. At the same time, the views of the judge and the police officer that came to the scene will influence the case. Sometimes, even the actions of the driver and the rider before the incident will play a part.

Alcohol Use And Speeding

We need to talk about these in the same category because they involve reckless behavior. Around half of the collisions that involve just one motorbike appear due to one of these two causes.

When the motorcycle rider is intoxicated or is speeding, any injury suffered cannot lead to financial compensation because the rider caused the collision. However, in some rare situations, comparative fault might apply and a good attorney might be able to argue that alcohol use or speeding did not play a large part in the injury sustained.

Final Thoughts

The causes mentioned above are just some of those that could be highlighted. The most important thing to remember is that accidents involving motorcycles can be really serious and injury claims should only be filed with the help of an experienced attorney.

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