Kenneth Matthews: Additional punishments won’t lower crime (Opinion) | Op-Ed Commentaries

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Across the country, states are finally rethinking laws from the “War on Drugs” era, which shattered communities of color and broke up so many families.

For decades, the idea was to heap punishment after punishment onto offenders in the mistaken belief it would deter crime.

Now, lawmakers in other states are finally seeing the light. They’re replacing laws that were designed to punish with those that rehabilitate. But here in West Virginia, we’re doubling down on many of those failed policies.

Take House Bill 2257, which easily passed the House of Delegates on Friday, for example. It would allow judges

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With coffers filled by feds, there’s no reason to raise revenue

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When state and local governments in New York were facing COVID-caused budget deficits of billions, talk of tax increases was in the mix. But now that Washington is coming through with President Biden’s $1.9 trillion aid package, including more than $23 billion in aid to New York, substantially more relief than the governor’s budget plan assumed, the tax hikes should change to match the need, or fall off the table.

So why is a coalition called “Invest in our NY” pushing the Legislature to enact six different tax hikes?

A feared $15 billion revenue canyon this year in Albany

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Cambodia turns hotel into COVID hospital as cases rise

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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — A defunct luxury hotel in Cambodia’s capital finished conversion into a 500-room coronavirus hospital on Monday, as authorities enforced a new law imposing criminal punishments for violating health rules and infections continued to rise in the Southeast Asian country.

The Great Duke Phnom Penh hasn’t been in operation for two years, and is now set up to treat virus patients amid a third wave of the pandemic in Cambodia. Prime Minister Hun Sen assigned Gen. Hun Manet, his eldest son and a powerful army chief, to lead the two-day effort to turn the hotel into a

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The best loser’s punishments for your Fantasy league

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MOST Fantasy leagues will have a prize for the winner, but introducing a punishment for the loser is something everyone should consider.

Adding a punishment is great for two reasons. Firstly, there is some joy for nearly the entire the league (except the unlucky wooden-spooner), but more importantly it gives everyone something to play for and avoids coaches giving up early.

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There are plenty of punishments your league could introduce, but to help you get started here are some of the best options.

McDonald’s challenge
– Loser is sentenced to 24 hours at

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Southport pet owners urged to have their say on dog theft punishments and law change

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Southport residents are being urged to have their say on the punishment of dog thefts in a national police survey.

The call comes amid fears that thefts have risen by 250% during lockdown and criminal gangs are believed to be targeting the most expensive breeds.

Demand for dogs as pets has increased during the pandemic and prices have soared to as high as £3,000.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is currently reviewing the issue of pet theft and what future enforcement may look like with potentially tougher penalties for perpetrators.

The survey covers people’s opinions on enforcement and prosecution and includes

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