Feds offers glimpse into how criminals steal COVID-19 unemployment benefits

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Three Michigan residents defrauded taxpayers of nearly $630,000 in coronavirus unemployment relief funds from four states in a matter of months, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

FBI investigators traced fraud cases to a Pennsylvania pastor whose identity was stolen in an unemployment filing, and a Texas victim whose name was used to file for benefits in California.

The various schemes relied on Social Security number theft, made-up or hijacked names, prepaid bank cards and holes in state unemployment insurance verification processes.

Federal law enforcement on Wednesday, Jan. 20, arrested 28-year-old Jordan Armstrong of Detroit. He’s charged with federal felony

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Cyber security experts say criminals targeting people looking for COVID-19 vaccine information

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Online scammers are at it again.

This time they’re taking advantage of the global health crisis we’re facing.

“Anytime there’s social chaos there’s going to be an increase in this type of activity,” says cyber security expert and Drury University professor Shannon McMurtrey.

He says online thieves are changing up their methods.

“The scammers will try to convince people that they need to put down a deposit to receive their check faster or do something to get in the front of the line for the vaccine. Any angle they can find they’re going to use that

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Former Kansas City fire captain sentenced for illegally selling firearms

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A former captain with the Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department was sentenced in federal court Monday for illegally selling dozens of firearms over a five-year period and selling firearms to convicted felons.

James Samuels, 55, of Kansas City, Missouri, was sentenced to six years in federal prison without parole. The court also ordered Samuels pay a fine of $11,282, which is the amount of cash seized by law enforcement officers at the time of his arrest.

On Aug. 31, 2020, Samuels pleaded guilty to seven counts of a federal indictment, including one count of conspiracy to

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Criminals in Mexico exploit desperation for oxygen canisters

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High rates of coronavirus infection have led Mexico to crack down on the illicit trade in oxygen canisters, though thieves are coming up with new ways to defraud families.

Hospitals in some parts of Mexico are almost 90% full, forcing families to treat their relatives at home. But the oxygen tanks they rely on have been the object of thefts, hijackings and fraud.

Even as Mexico’s president continued fighting the virus in isolation at his apartment, and the country’s richest man quickly was admitted to a top hospital, treatment for average Mexicans remained difficult and dangerous.

The head of the

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How Marshal Zhukov shot all criminals in Odessa

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According to legend, during Operation Masquerade in post-war Odessa, undercover police officers lured criminals into a trap, then shot them without trial right in the city streets at night.

Just a year after victory in World War II, Marshal Georgy Zhukov, at the height of his glory, fell of out favor. He was accused of inflating his own merits in the defeat of Germany, belittling the role of the supreme commander-in-chief (Stalin), and claiming the kudos for military operations that he had nothing to do with.

As a result, the suspicious Soviet leader sent the highly respected and far too

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