Casey Bishop Blows ‘American Idol’ Judges Away

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While the rendition was impressive on its own, judge Katy Perry also wanted “to hear some of the Ella Fitzgerald that she likes.”

“It’s just going to show us a little bit of the difference and the soul part of your voice,” she told the teenager. Bishop rose up to the challenge, performing Sarah Vaughan‘s take on “My Funny Valentine.”

Luke Bryan, visibly blown away, compared the young singer to Alejandro Aranda, the runner-up on season 17. “I didn’t think anybody would get close to Alejandro’s audition as far as me being just, like, dipped in Disney and sparkles and flowers and doves, and that’s what your audition was for me,” he shared.

Perry agreed. “Okay, so you’re 15. It’s obviously not your first time on this planet, but maybe this time you will fulfill your purpose,” she joked. “You’re really, really, really good and I love that nobody knows you can sing besides you and a couple of your friends and your hairbrush, probably.”

“What a great concept,” Lionel Richie added. “‘I discovered I could sing, center-stage on American Idol.’ We’re going to enjoy watching you grow right here in front of us.”

“I think she’s the damn winner of American Idol. Period,” Bryan proclaimed.

With a unanimous “yes” from the judges, Bishop easily proceeded to the Hollywood rounds. Watch her full audition below.

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